Aug. 1, 2022


LinkedIn Pulse, or whatever they are calling it now, is a LinkedIn platform for publishing articles. From The Coalface listener, Peter Henderson of software development specialist asked us how Google viewed these articles, so in this episode of the show, we explore this question.

LinkedIn Pulse - or whatever they are calling it now - is a LinkedIn platform for publishing articles. It's free to use and we often see people pitching it as a great way to grow your online brand, build a following or improve your SEO rankings.

Question is, can it really do all that? After some hands-on experimentation with the platform, we share our findings – looking at how Google really treats Pulse content, and trying to work out whether it's really an effective way to improve your digital reach.

Ultimately, we find that it's probably best to use it as an adjunct to your company blog – sharing shorter, more shareable content that's unlikely rank for high-value keywords but it's well worth listening to our thought process as it evolves.

As a straight-talking agency that are happy to show you how the sausage is made, we relish the chance to get stuck into a detailed subject like this, and we think we uncovered some interesting insights here – around the purpose of online blogging and brand-building, the ins and outs of Google's search algorithm and LinkedIn's power as a brand-building platform.