March 28, 2022

A Chat About Starting A Podcast With Radio Legend John Mellis

John Mellis has been a familiar voice on radio for over 25 years. In this episode of the show, John tells us about his career and how he's now helping businesses start and run their own podcast. It's a great show for organisations interested in...

In this episode, John Mellis and Dave Robinson discuss the ins, outs and whys of starting a podcast.

In addition, John has a free ebook available for download designed to help any business or business person discover why they should, and how they can launch their own podcast - 'Pitch Perfect Podcasts - The Art Of Talking Up Your Business.'
In addition to that, he also has an online course -'Win Business Podcasting’ - which allows you to work through all the elements required in order to launch and maintain your own business podcast, as well as how to best utilise the podcast to deliver your desired outcome, whether it's to heighten your profile or become the authority figure amongst your peers, increase revenue, educate subscribers or anything else.
Lastly, if you’ve become convinced of the value of a podcast for your business, but would prefer to have it all taken care of and professionally produced from start to finish - John can help. 
All details on the above are available at 
And if you want to find out about John, where he is or what he's doing at any given moment, you’ve probably got a decent chance of finding out more at