June 8, 2022

Can AI Really Improve Your Digital Marketing?

AI marketing tools promise to save you heaps of time and money, but do they really live up to these lofty claims? In this episode, Alex and Julie discuss the realities of using several AI marketing tools to setup or run campaigns – as well as...

From automated writing tools to Google's "intelligent" bidding strategies, machine learning algorithms are slowly starting to take over the marketing space. Question is, are these so-called 'AIs' actually as smart as they're cracked up to be? 

In this episode of Digital Marketing From The Coalface, Alex and Julie talk through their own hands-on experience with various AI marketing tools, pointing out areas of weakness and talking about the few cases where they do excel. They also have some top tips for making the most of AI marketing tools and some thoughts on the future of these increasingly-popular additions to your digital marketing arsenal.