Oct. 11, 2022

You Can't Buy Half A Pound Of SEO. Here's Why

You Can't Buy Half A Pound Of SEO. Here's Why

SEO is often bought and sold as a commodity product, but this approach rarely generates results. To make a real difference, Julie and Alex argue that any work that's undertaken to optimise your website for a search engine has to be part of a larger...

We can't count the number of times people have asked us how much we'd charge to "SEO" their site. Generally speaking, they want to pay a set amount, and know that their site's being properly optimised for search. But that's not how SEO works.

To get a site ranking for the right keywords, you have to do a lot of hard work. There are audiance to profile, you need to spend a decent amount of time researching and categorising keywords, there's always a huge amount of content to write and technical work to be done on a page-by-page basis.

Then there's all the on-going measurement and adjustments to carry out, the digital PR and CRO...

It's a process, and the only way to make sure it generates good leads for your business is to take your time and do it properly. In this episode of Digital Marketing From The Coalface, Julie and Alex talk through the way we handle SEO engagements, and the reason that we rarely offer it as a stand-alone service.