Jan. 13, 2023

A Fast Paced Lead Generation & SEO Recap

A Fast Paced Lead Generation & SEO Recap

Sometimes you can get tied in knots thinking about how to generate enquiries from your website, so in this show's episode, we go back to basics. It's a great episode for people whose web-based lead gen has gone awry or people who have finally decided...

If you're still not getting business enquiries from your website, you may be missing some of the SEO and lead generation basics. If that's you, this quick recap of web-based lead gen's important aspects is worth a listen.

Alex and Dave cover all the basics - which is pretty much all you need - of knocking your website into shape to increase the chances of getting found. From there, they talk about how to ensure you remove any barriers preventing website visitors from making contact.

As usual, Dave gives Alex a hard time about one or two of his assumptions, even if Alex is, as usual, right.