Digital Marketing From The Coalface

Digital Marketing From The Coalface

Digital marketing advice, tips and opinions from people actively working on campaigns. Simple plain English help from people at the coalface for people at the coalface of digital marketing, business development and sales.

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The Missing Link That Will Help Your Website Generate More Revenue

June 2, 2023

Alex and Dave take an irreverent look at the murky side of SEO and explain why the missing link or links are preventing your website from reaching its full potential. It's a relaxing and plain English chat that will give bus…

Help, Our Website Was Built By A Have A Go Hero

May 19, 2023

We've rescued enough websites to know there are plenty of have-a-go types out there, and that's putting in politely. But why trust something as important as your website with one of these people or teams in the first place? …

PPC Lead Generation

Paying For Clicks Doesn't Make You A Bad Person

May 15, 2023

Google's ad platform is a great way to generate business. It's also a great way to waste your marketing budget. In this episode, we discuss doing the former and avoiding the latter.

Would You Trust Your Agency With Your Life?

April 10, 2023

We've banged on about the importance of trust but make no apologies for banging on about it again. It's at the heart of all good client-agency relationships, and in this episode, we delve a bit deeper into the reasons for ne…

Agency Chat

Is Your Agency Just A Bloke In His Pants?

March 22, 2023

Some agencies aren't, well, agencies. They are a man or woman sitting in their pants offshoring work to a low-cost economy while charging you top dollar. If they are and it works, does it matter? In this episode of the show,…

Start With Nobody Cares, Because They Don't

March 16, 2023

Nobody cares about your website or your business. So, it's your job to make them care, at least a bit, by telling a compelling story and having a clutter-free website. Unfortunately, too many businesses expect their website'…