Season 1

June 27, 2022

So Your Website's Rubbish, Here's How To Fix It

In this episode of the show, we talked about what makes a website "rubbish". Perhaps surprisingly, this doesn't mean the look and…

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June 20, 2022

What The Hell Are You Doing Google?

For many business owners, the way Google ranks web pages is confusing. They simply don't understand why their competitors are on …

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June 13, 2022

What Is A Digital Agency And How To Choose One?

In a windswept field in Cornwall, Caron and Dave discuss what a digital marketing agency actually does and, importantly, how to c…

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May 31, 2022

Websites Cost About As Much As A Car, Wait What?

It's not unreasonable for businesses to want to know how much they need to invest in their new website. The thing is, it's not ac…

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May 23, 2022

Do You Really Know Your Customer? You Should, Here's How

In this episode, Julie and Dave discuss what are formally called buyer personas. In normal language, these are customer profiles,…

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May 17, 2022

Digital Marketing, Trust And All That Jazz

Authenticity and honesty are crucial to the successful implementation of digital marketing. In this episode, Alex, Julie and Dave…

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April 25, 2022

Experiment Zone's AJ Davis Talks About Converting Website Visitors In…

Getting more value from the website visitors you're already getting makes a lot of sense. Many people focus all their efforts on …

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April 18, 2022

How To Get Started With Email Marketing With Kelsey Johnson From AWeb…

In this episode of the show Kelsey Johnson from AWeber talks about email marketing. It's a great episode for people who need some…

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April 12, 2022

Telling Stories In A Digital Marketing Context

In a previous podcast, with Bob Keiller, we were given a business storytelling masterclass. If you missed it, it's well worth sti…

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April 8, 2022

So, Do Template Websites Suck Or Do They Rock?

You can create a great looking website on a shoestring budget by sidestepping the design process. In other words, you buy a ready…

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April 4, 2022

We Asked, Marcus Sheridan Answered

If you're a digital marketer and haven't read the book, They Ask, You Answer by Marcus Sheridan you're missing a trick, a huge on…

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March 28, 2022

A Chat About Starting A Podcast With Radio Legend John Mellis

John Mellis has been a familiar voice on radio for over 25 years. In this episode of the show, John tells us about his career and…

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March 21, 2022

Dan Englander From Sales Schema Talks About Effective Outbound Market…

Here at Red Evolution, we're all about inbound marketing but we're not anti outbound. In this fascinating episode of the show, Da…

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March 15, 2022

Got A Web Based Business Idea? Here's How To Test It Cost Free

In this, the 50th, episode of the show Caron, Julie, Alex and Dave discuss how to save a fortune by testing your business idea be…

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March 11, 2022

BBN Chairman Clif Collier Discusses Brand And All That Jazz

In this fascinating episode of the show, former Fifth Ring CEO Clif Collier talks about how brand has perhaps become lost in a se…

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March 7, 2022

So Julie, How Did You Become A Digital Marketer?

In this episode Alex, Julie and Dave talk about how Julie became a digital marketer. This episode isn't just a careers lesson, it…

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March 3, 2022

How To Generate Business From Your Website

In this episode of the show, Alex and Dave shoot the breeze on the challenges of generating business from your website. It's an e…

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Feb. 25, 2022

Business Storytelling With Bob Keiller

In this episode of the show, we explore business storytelling with the master, Bob Keiller. For many Bob needs no introduction, …

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Feb. 21, 2022

The secret(s) to successful content marketing with Kelly Gilmour-Gras…

Not sure how to come up with a content marketing strategy that delivers results? We’re sitting down with Kelly Gilmour-Grassam - …

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Feb. 18, 2022

So, What Is The Purpose Of A Blog?

Most marketers understand the importance of blogging but based on the popularity of a blog post on our website lots of people are…

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Feb. 15, 2022

Buying Marketing Software? Here Are The Benefits Of Working With A Pa…

Buying a tool like HubSpot or Pardot is a shrewd move. These platforms help to get the maximum return on digital marketing spendi…

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Feb. 9, 2022

5 Digital Marketing Myths Well And Truly Busted

In this episode, Alex and Dave bust 5 common digital marketing myths starting with the idea that simply having a website is enoug…

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Feb. 4, 2022

Are You Up For The Hard Miles Required To Succeed Online?

People in business want to succeed, they have the will to win, but that's not enough. To succeed you need to have the will to do …

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Jan. 28, 2022

The Episode About The Content Wot We Wrote

Using plain English makes business sense and in this episode of the show, Alex and Dave discuss some common content cockups and h…

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Jan. 24, 2022

Do You Know Your SaaS From Your Elbow? Content Management In Plain En…

Have you ever considered going Headless? In this episode of the show, Julie and Dave talk about the tool used to manage website c…

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Jan. 18, 2022

Want To Use Video Effectively? Don't Miss This Guest Episode With Ell…

From apprentice TV cameraman to video strategist, Elliot Hornell is truly an expert in his field. In this episode, Elliot and Dav…

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Jan. 14, 2022

Follow These Simple Steps And Kick Start Your 2022 Digital Lead Gen E…

As we launch ourselves headlong into a new year it's tempting to bite off more than you can chew. In this episode of the show, we…

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Jan. 11, 2022

Get More Business From Social Media In 2022

Social media can play a role in your business growth plans but don't use the random acts of social approach, create a plan. In th…

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Dec. 22, 2021

So Alex, How Did You Become A Digital Marketer?

In this episode Alex talks about his journey to becoming a digital marketing expert, but don't worry, we talk about interesting s…

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Dec. 16, 2021

The Ranty Episode About Digital Marketing Idiots

In this episode, we let off a bit of steam because the contents of our bladders sometimes boil over when we see what some so-call…

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Dec. 10, 2021

How To Use Keywords To Generate Business

Following on from the last podcast about keywords, in this one we're talking about how to use them effectively as part of your le…

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Dec. 6, 2021

Ditch The Keyword Confusion With These Top Tips

If you're confused about keywords, what they are and how to find them, this episode of the show is for you.

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Dec. 3, 2021

The Website TLC Session

In this episode, we discuss the three main aspects of having and running a website that you need to get right for the site to wor…

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Nov. 29, 2021

Why A Website Audit Is Vital To Online Success

In this show, we discuss website audits and why they make sense even if you've just had your website redesigned.

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Nov. 26, 2021

Structured Business Growth With Bruce Skinner

In this episode, Bruce Skinner returns to talk about his structured approach to business growth. It's another long one but has so…

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Nov. 23, 2021

How To Spend Your Digital Marketing Budget

With SEO, PPC, social media and email marketing to think about, It's hard to know how you should allocate and spend your marketin…

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Nov. 19, 2021

Is It Time To Shut The Gate On Gated Content?

Has gated content had its day as a way of coercing people to give you their contact details? Alex and Dave chat it through and co…

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Nov. 17, 2021

So What The Hell Is Hubspot?

If you're in marketing you will have heard of Hubspot, but what is it? In this episode of the show we explain and discuss the pla…

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Nov. 12, 2021

Some Easy Quick Wins To Increase Website Leads

In this episode of the show, we talk about some quick wins to improve your website's performance. These tips might just help you …

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Nov. 9, 2021

Get More From Your Existing Website Traffic

There's often a belief that securing more business from your website requires more traffic or website visitors, not so. It's lik…

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Nov. 5, 2021

How To Create A Killer Digital Marketing ITT

Unless you've got an in-house team getting your digital marketing right depends on finding the right agency. In this podcast, Jul…

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Nov. 3, 2021

Need A New Website? Don't Hire A Web Design Agency

We see too many websites built by pure web design agencies fail because of a design-first approach. The way your looks is only pa…

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Nov. 1, 2021

Three Ways To Take The Pain Out Of Content Creation

The relationship between digital marketing and content is well established but many people find content creation challenging. Thi…

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Oct. 29, 2021

Digital Marketing Tools We Love Explained In Plain English

There are some free and subscription tools we couldn't live without. In this episode of the show, we tell what they are and what …

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Oct. 28, 2021

Who Is Your Website For?

Too many businesses build a website as a vanity project. Your website isn't for you, it's for your customers so build it for them.

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Oct. 26, 2021

What We've Learned About Creating A Podcast

In this show, we talk about what we've learned about creating a podcast. It's a great listen for business owners who are thinking…

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Oct. 22, 2021

What Is The Cost of Not Investing in Digital Marketing?

Having discussed the cost of digital marketing in the last episode, in this episode of the show we discuss the cost of not doing …

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Oct. 20, 2021

How Much Does Digital Marketing Cost?

If you're in the market to buy digital marketing services but you really haven't a clue what it costs, this one is for you.

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Oct. 18, 2021

Are Business Development, Sales & Marketing In Sync?

Stuart Harrison from business development consultancy Solar Flare chats to Dave about the much-misunderstood connections between …

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Oct. 14, 2021

So How Long Should Digital Marketing Take To Work?

Alex, Julie & Dave discuss the vexed question of how long it should take for digital marketing to start working. This is a great …

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