Aug. 23, 2022

Don't Start A Website Redevelopment Project Until You've Listened To This

Redeveloping your website can be a very good business move, but there are some aspects that, if you get them wrong, will bite you and bite you hard. In this show episode, Alex, Dave, and Diana discuss website redevelopment. It's the first time Diana...

Redeveloping your website can be one of the most cost-effective ways of generating new business – enabling you to reposition your company, improve your messaging or better persuade potential customers that you're the best people to supply them with a given product and/or service.

But redeveloping your website does have its pitfalls – particularly if you go about the project in the wrong way, or allow preconceived notions to govern your business's pivot. 

In this episode of Digital Marketing From The Coalface, David, Alex, Julie and our lead designer - Diana - talk about the right way to approach a redevelopment project; exploring the ins and outs of moving to a totally new domain, the best way to approach a design refresh and the things you have to remember when trying to improve your website's appeal. 

We also talk through the best way to work with your design or development agency – and the best way to think about design work as both a business owner and a marketing manager. All in all, it's essential listening for anyone that's thinking about embarking on a website redesign project.