Aug. 8, 2022

Create Your Own Digital Marketing Team, Warning This Podcast Contains Nuts

To the uninitiated, hiring a digital marketing agency can seem expensive. In this episode, Alex and Dave talk about how to build your own digital marketing team and what that's likely to cost. It's a good episode for people who recognise they need to...

Put off by the price of a decent digital marketing retainer? Building an in-house team is probably the next best thing. But what does it really cost to attract and retain the right talent?

For digital marketing managers, CMOs and small business owners weighing up their options, this episode of Digital Marketing From The Coalface offers up a clear and succinct look at the average costs associated with creating an in-house team, and the kind of talent you ought to look for.

We talk through the need for SEO, design and development experts, a good strategist and some of the peripheral talent required to make this digital marketing thing work for your business.

We try to remain balanced throughout, but the truth is that building an in-house team can be expensive. £200,000+ PA expensive. Here's everything you need to know.