Oct. 28, 2021

Who Is Your Website For?

Too many businesses build a website as a vanity project. Your website isn't for you, it's for your customers so build it for them.

Your website's your storefront; a lead generation tool that has the power to grow your brand and generate new business but you have to design it for your ideal customer. Working at the coalface of digital marketing, we see hundreds of websites that are hampered by their owner's navel gazing. We're talking copy that's all features and no benefits, a confusing UX and a real dearth of value-oriented content. 

Tune in to hear some no nonsense strategies for reversing that trend and turning your website into a thriving hub of useful information. You'll also hear us discussing actionable strategies for finding your target audience and grabbing their attention – a must for anyone who's website isn't performing as well as they'd like.