April 8, 2022

So, Do Template Websites Suck Or Do They Rock?

You can create a great looking website on a shoestring budget by sidestepping the design process. In other words, you buy a ready-made design or template and focus your efforts on your content. In this episode of the show, Alex, Caron, Julie and the...

Agencies like ours, Red Evolution, generate some of our revenue from design work, including web design. So discussing the merits of avoiding design by buying a readymade off the shelf design template might seem odd, but not so.

In this episode, we're somewhat mob-handed as drafted in podcast first-timer Dave Marshall, "young Dave" along with Alex, Julie, Caron and Dave R or "old Dave".

It's a pretty balanced discussion on the merits of the template-based approach to creating a website. Even the office dog got a few opinions in.