Sept. 12, 2022

Are Marketing Reports A Waste Of Time?

Marketing reports are a mainstay in most engagements. In fact, the majority of agencies produce them on a monthly basis. But what if we told you that most digital marketing reports were a complete waste of paper? In this episode, we dig into the...

Most agencies produce monthly marketing reports as a matter of rote. But how much value (if any) do these documents really add to your engagement?

We think most digital marketing reports are just meaningless noise. They report on irrelevant statistics or hide useful insights in a sea of muddled data that's impossible to unpick. In an ideal world, your agency would provide simple, well-structured reports that told a simple story about their marketing activities and the revenue they've generated.

But developing a report like this could take hours and a great deal of skill, which is why many grown-up agencies prefer to sit down and have a face-to-face chat instead. If you're trying to improve the quality of your marketing reports or work out whether they're really worth your time at all, this tell-all episode of Digital Marketing From The Coalface is well worth a listen.

In it, we unpick the problems with reporting, and the best alternatives for B2B businesses that are keen to know exactly what their marketing department is up to.